Foundations Behavioral Health is a specialized team of licensed behavioral health professionals with more than 45 years of combined experience. Our practice includes licensed alcohol and drug counselors, trauma-specific therapists, geriatric-informed therapists, and children-and family strength based therapists. We are all certified by the state of Oklahoma to practice psychotherapy independently. Our diverse experience allows us to use a variety of techniques and interventions to best meet each client’s needs.

Foundations Behavioral Health offers more specialized services, by clinicians with specialty certifications, than most behavioral health providers in the area. In addition: We are a multi-ethnic, culturally competent team with experience serving clients of all ages, from all socio-economic backgrounds. We offer support and services for PTSD, addiction, family and marital conflict, geriatric behavioral health, children’s play therapy, and somatic experiencing therapy. We accept a variety of insurance plans as well as Medicaid (SoonerCare) and Medicare. We provide a sliding fee scale for the uninsured, based on household income.